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Best Book Lights for Reading Books and Kindle E-readers

          Have you been looking for the best book lights for reading? Then look no further the Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 is just what you need. These ultra bright clip-on LED reading and craft lights are the perfect light for reading in bed, in a car or any other place you like to read that has poor lighting. Not only that Mighty Bright also works great for pin pointing light in small areas which is great for making crafts, mechanical work or even making homemade fishing lures where ever you might need a light.

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          This model comes in three versions the Mighty Bright Xtraflex2, the Xtraflex2 Kindle version and the Xtraflex2 with AC adaptor. All three lights are very similar and can all be used on standard books or kindles. They have two super bright LEDs that are much brighter than a typical LED and sit behind a special optical grade lens that distributes the light evenly over an area large enough to cover even a large hardback book. The lights have a built in switch that allows you to use one or both of the LEDs for adjusting the brightness. They have a long flexible neck that makes adjusting the position super easy and the clip has a wide mouth that will grip onto just about anything. Or you have the option of not using the clip because it will work as a free standing task light which comes in very handy for all types of crafts and projects. You can get all the Xtraflex2 version in several colors including blue, black, white, pink, purple and green. One last thing when ordered it comes in “Certified Frustration-Free Packaging” that is a recyclable, easy to open package eliminating the hard to open plastic bubble packs that no one can ever open without scissors, knifes and a chainsaw.

All in all these truly are some of the best book lights for reading whether it’s in bed, a car or where ever you choose. They have a long battery life and are great fro Kindles as well as conventional books.