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Motion Sensor Lights Stay on During the Day

If you have owned many motion sensor lights or poked around on many home improvement forums you probably know that one of the most common problems people have with there motion sensor lights is that they come on when they are not needed which is during the day. People seem to always be asking if and how they fix their lights but this isn’t really a very easy question to answer without seeing the light in person so below you find a list of several possible culprits and what you can do to remedy the situation.

Possible Reasons for Your Motion Sensor Lights Staying On

So you’re having problems with your motion sensor lights coming on during the day? Well the first thing you should do is look at the owners manual to see if there are any trouble shooting tips. If this doesn’t fix the problem or you don’t have a manual here are several possible explanations.

  • The most obvious reason might be that the light in question does not have a daylight sensor better known as a photocell. Photocells are a type of resistor that is dark on the top when there is no light but this dark top lightens when it is exposed to light. This change from light to dark is what turns the light on and off. Now chances are if you have purchased an outdoor motion light then it probably has a photocell if it doesn’t them you might want to return or replace it with one that does.


  • Make sure the photocell light sensor is clean.


  • Could be that the photocell has gone bad. Many companies use cheap Chinese electronics that do not have a long life expectancy. Also many electronic parts like this are designed with a certain number of off/ons before they just wear out.


  • Check your sensitivity adjustment, if your light has one, make sure it isn’t turned all the way which could keep the light from turning off. This could be the problem even if your light has been up for a while. For example many times in winter the days can be dark enough to keep your lights from turning off if the sensitivities is set to high.


  • Sometimes motion sensor lights have to be reset if there has been a power outage or some other problem. To reset the light simply turn off the light switch or breaker that the light is connected to. The amount of time it takes to reset a light can very some take as little as 30 seconds while other take an hour or more. The amount of time your light requires can normally be found in the owner’s manual or on the manufacturer’s website.


  • Sometimes the problem can be an over heated circuit board. As with the cheap photocells many circuit boards also cheap and can not handle the amount of power going to the light bulbs especially when the light has more than one bulb. One way to remedy this problem is to remove some of the bulbs to lessen the load. Though this isn’t ideal it does sometimes work.


Now if you have tried looking in your manual and gone through this list with little luck chances are you will simply need to replace the light. If this is what you do decide to do then it is recommended that you do not buy the cheapest model you can find. You tend to get what you pay for especially with electronic devices. Do yourself a favor, spend a few more bucks and buy a medium to high end light. Otherwise you will once again be trying to figure out what is wrong with you motion sensor light.

Here Are Some Good Ideas for Replacement Lights

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Decorative Motion Sensor Lights

Decorative Motion Sensor Porch Lights

When most people think of outdoor motion sensor lights they think of the big bulky security lights you typically see on garages and over driveways. Not really the type of lights you want on your front porch. Luckily there are better options being produced all the time for those looking for an attractive high quality outdoor motion light that you wouldn’t hesitate putting on any porch of your home.

Heath Zenith Motion Sensor Porch Lights

One manufacturer that makes excellent porch lights with built in motion sensors is Heath Zenith. They have over twenty different models available with some models being wall mounted and others ceiling mounted. Most of them come in different finishes including black, white, polished brass, antique bronze, antique brass, oil rubbed bronze, black brass and many more. With so many to choose and with everyone’s tastes being different it is hard to narrow down which light to include here but we will mix a little of everything. The Heath Zenith SL-4144-AZ-A New England Carriage Style 150 Degree Motion Sensing Decorative Security Light pictured in antique bronze is a good example of the wall mounted lights available. This four sided wall mounted light has a traditional lantern design a weather resistant finish and an almost invisible motion sensor. It can detect motion in a 150 degree radius up to 30 feet away. It is equipped with the “Dual Brite” adjustable setting that allows you to set the light to a low level accent lighting that turns bright when it detects motion. The accent lighting adjustment can be set to stay on for three hours, six hours or dust to dawn. It also has a light timer that allows you to set how long the light stays on after detecting motion you can choose one, five or ten minutes plus there is a sensitivity setting and a daylight detecting photocell that turns the light off during daylight hours. The light takes standard medium based bulbs up to maximum of 100 watts.


A good example of a ceiling mounted light is the Heath Zenith SL-4300-RS 360 Degree Motion Activated Octagonal Ceiling Light pictured with a weather resistant rust colored finish. It can detect motion up to 30 feet away has the Dual Brite bi-level lighting feature and uses four Candelabra base incandescent bulbs up to a maximum of 25 watts each. And it comes with a two year warranty.

One of the more fancy lights they make is the Heath Zenith SL-4166-AC Motion Activated Six Sided Coach Light pictured with a weather resistant antique copper finish and beveled glass. It has a hidden motion detector that detects motion 30 feet away in a 150 degree radius. It has the Dual Brite low level accent light, adjustable timers, a photocell eye and takes an incandescent bulb up to a maximum of 100 watts.




Click here to see the full line of Heath Zenith Decorative Motion Sensor Porch Lights

*Please note the links above direct to Amazon as I have found they offer the biggest selections and most competitive prices.*