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Picking an Outdoor Motion Sensor Light Control

Even in areas where there is ample street lighting, good outdoor lighting for your home is your best defense not only against intruders but accidents and injury.  And yet, outdoor lighting can cause a significant bump in household energy consumption especially with the standard on at dusk off at dawn sensor technology.  One way to be safe and secure as well as reduce your carbon footprint on the planet is to take advantage of the latest in outdoor motion sensor light control technology.

Here are just a few of the available options:

Heath Zenith SL-4100-BK-A 150 Degree Motion Sensing Post Light SensorThe Heath Zenith SL-4100-BK-A 150 Degree Motion Sensing Post Light Sensor neatly and inexpensively provides the latest in motion sensor technology to existing post light fixtures with its easy mounting to 3 inch lamp posts.  The unit has a selectable light timer, allowing for a choice of one, five or 20 minutes of lights on after the last motion is detected before automatic switch off.  This motion sensor offers something called DualBrite Two Level Lighting Technology which detects motion in a 150 degree arc, and which also controls the existing post light levels.

The American Tack (Hemco) OMLC3BC Outdoor Motion Activated Light Control is anotherAmerican Tack (Hemco) OMLC3BC Outdoor Motion Activated Light Control highly rated internet review product. This unit is designed primarily to control existing outdoor floodlights, but can also be adapted to other uses.  The American Tack turns on automatically when motion is detected turns off ten minutes after the last movement is noted.  The product has an expansive 180 degree detection zone for best protection.  This unit has an effective detection range of approximately 30 feet of distance.  The sensor is adjustable with the ability to be custom positioned right and left, up and down.  The OMLC3BC is perfect for illuminating alleys, yards and driveways, and works with existing CFL, halogen and incandescent floodlights. Primarily intended as a replacement unit for the Heath/Zenith SL-5407-BZ-A Replacement Motion Sensor can be adapted to initial use as well.

Heath-Zenith SL-5407-BZ-A Replacement Motion SensorThe SL-5407-BZ is an affordable and dependable security motion sensor with a 180 motion detection arc and is capable of detecting movement up to 70 feet away from the unit itself.  The detection sensitivity is fully adjustable, eliminating accidental triggering by wind, rainfall or blowing leaves.  The product features a selectable light timer offering test, one minute, five minute or 20 minute turn off options after the last movement is detected, and offers a generous one year warranty.

These are just a few of the available options in outdoor security motion sensor lighting, and all rank well in internet product reviews.  For just a few dollars and very little installation effort, you can protect your property and home not only from burglars and trespassers, but also provide on demand lighting to illuminate those tripping hazards that can end up in insurance claims.  Peace of mind has never been so readily and inexpensively available.