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Best 3 Way Motion Sensor Light Switch

Just as it is annoying to come into a dark room and grope around for the light switch, it is not always easy to remember to turn off that same light when you leave the room, although that is the number one advice for saving energy.  It is especially difficult to be “green compliant” when you have a high traffic area in your home or office, with too many people coming in and out of it during the day to keep track of who remembers and who does not. Motion sensor technology allows for energy savings in even the most absent minded household by making the turning on and off of the lighting automatic.

Motion sensor light switches are an ideal solution to this seemingly minor but vexing problem and the Leviton ODS10-ID Decora WallLeviton ODS10 Motion Sensor Light Switch Switch Occupancy Sensor is arguably the best product addressing the situation. It is not the most expensive model available nor the cheapest but has all the features you could want or need.

The Leviton ODS10-ID Decora uses “Passive Infrared (PIR)” detection technology, the main feature of which is a special lens that segments a 180 degree field of view into what are called “sensor zones”.  What this means is that when a person comes into or out of one of these zones, the sensor detects the motion and turns the light on—which remain on until the person leaves the room and it remains unoccupied for a period of time that the user presets.  The switch easily covers up to 2100 square feet, can be used with incandescent lamps, fluorescent or low voltage lighting with either electronic or magnet ballasts.

Unlike some motion sensor technology, the Leviton Decora has a low profile design and also offers manual control.  If the lights are off, pressing a button turns them on and keeps them on as long as the area is occupied, and conversely allows for turning lights off even if the automatic on feature as been chosen, giving the user even more control over their energy savings. Additionally, three and four way lighting control is supported due to the Decor’s multi location features, multiple sensors can easily work one lighting load.   Further, the unit is three way adjustable— most importantly with an ambient light feature that provides override to the automatic lighting if there is already sufficient light in the room –such as in the longer days of summer.  Additionally there is also a sensitivity adjustment to control the field of view and the duration adjustment which allows the user to predetermine the length of no-motion time before shut off.

The Leviton Decora is fully UL Listed and CSA certified and complies with not only FCC regulations but the tougher California Title 24 Energy code.  It is V-shaped, allows for 32 degrees of arc in the visual field, and features serrated back-wiring clamps for exemplary conductivity.  The unit comes with generous five year warranty.

This unit comes with a manufacturer’s suggested price of around eighty dollars; however has featured the Leviton Decora for much less on a recent internet search.  The product is highly rated by actual purchasers of the product, with an enviable 4.5 rating on the website. If you would like to see more information of other switches you take a look at this article “Motion Sensor Light Switch – Finding the Right One to Buy“.

*Please note the links above direct to Amazon as I have found they offer the biggest selections and most competitive prices.*

How to Install a Motion Sensor Light Switch

Are you trying to save money by cutting cost around the house? If so you have probably already taken steps to reduce your utility bills including the biggie, the electric bill. There are many ways to go about this one is to simply turn off lights in rooms that are not being used. Of course for some this is easier said than done but with the help of a motion sensor light switch you can guarantee lights are off. If you have bought or are planning on buying a motion sensor lightswitch (or occupancy sensor) but are not sure if you have what it takes to install it and should hire an electrician this video should help. Electrical work can be very intimidating to those that have little or no experience but most things around the house truly are simple and only require a few common tools as you will see. Afterwards you will know whether this is a job for you or not but I’m sure you can step up to the challenge because one of the best ways to save money is to learn to do things yourself instead of paying others.

Watch This Video On How To Install a Motion Sensor Light Switch