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Best Small Motion Sensor Lights for Indoor or Outdoor Use

There are times when you need to illuminate a darkened hallway or dim area of your home or property. These areas do not always require a big bright light but are best served by small motion sensor lights. There are three types of motion sensor lights battery operated, solar and your standard electrical light that is either plugged in or hard wired in. Of these three types there are small versions of each and in this article we will be discussing some of the best selling from each type. Each of the lights mentioned below are all available from for fast delivery, so if you are looking for a great deal on a great light keep reading.

Small Battery Operated Motion Sensor Light

The Sylvania 72178 LED Motion Sensor Light is a great example of a small battery power motion light. It would a very reliable way to light a darkened hallway, garage, deck, or entryway. It runs on 3 Triple-A batteries so it does not require an outlet source so you can place them anywhere you need a little extra illumination. It comes complete with mounting hardware that allows you to mount it in three different ways. One way is with an adhesive backing so it can be mounted on a smooth surface, or you can lock it down with screw mounting or use the included magnets for metal surfaces as well. The Sylvania 72178 can also be removed from its mounted position so you can carry it as a flashlight if necessary. The light automatically comes on at dusk or you can set it to be motion-activated within a 130-degree arc and a 13-foot radius. Both automatic functions can be disabled and you can operate it manually as well. An energy-saving function can be set to turn off after 10 seconds without any motion detected.

The Dorcy 41-1071 LED Wireless Motion Sensor Flood-Lite is one of the highest rated lights of this style with 4 ½ stars. It has an infrared sensor that detects not only motion but also heat so there are fewer false alarms. It operates on 3 Double-A batteries and lasts for months and intensely bright LED pure white lights that last up to 100,000 hours. This light also comes with an easy mounting slot and its compact design allows it to fit in very small areas. Its light activates very quickly and brightly, and you will not suffer false activations. It has an effective range of 10-15 feet in the front and 15-20 feet at either side and it turns off automatically after 30 seconds. It is also great for closets, cabinets, halls, garages and stairways. Though it can be used outdoors it should be protected from the elements. It can also be manually set to stay on constantly, all in all a great little light.

Small Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light 

As far as alternatives to electricity battery operated lights are great but if you just don’t want the hassle of changing batteries no matter how long they last you can’t beat a solar light. One small solar light is the Designers Edge L-949 10 LED Rechargeable Solar Panel Shed Light with motion sensor. This light has many features including a 20 foot cord that allows you to place the solar panel in direct sunlight and a switch that allows you to use all ten LEDs for up to two hours of lighting or five LEDs for up to four hours of lighting. This light can not be used out in the element unprotected but is approved for damp location like sheds and garages. If this light isn’t exactly what you’re looking for there are many other options of solar lighting, click here to see a complete listing.

Small Motion Sensor lights

Now for those just looking for a standard electric motion light there are an endless number of options from motion sensor night lights to security lights. And each type of light also has an endless list of brands and models. If you are interested in night lights here is an entire article all about indoor motion sensor lights including night lights that details many of the best available. Now if you are looking something other than that here are a few worth looking at. The Cooper Lighting MS100PG 110 ̊ 100W Portable Plug-in Motion Security Floodlight is a very unique light that is probably the only portable motion sensor light with a cord that you will find anywhere. The cord is eight feet long and the built in sensor has a 110 ̊ detection zone up to 40 feet making this light perfect for most indoor and outdoor applications. As with the other lights you can see a full range on electric motion light here.

Now there are no excuses about buying a light for that dark area of your home. With this list of small motion sensor lights you can illuminate anything anywhere with no problems.

*Please note the links above direct to Amazon as I have found they offer the biggest selections and most competitive prices.*

Best Indoor Motion Sensor Lights

Finding the perfect indoor motion detector lights can make a world of difference in the way you move about your home in the dark. Of course you can always buy a motion sensor light switch and turn any light in your home into a motion light but most times this isn’t necessary or can be slightly overkill. Most times you simply need a small night light for a hallway or bathroom or maybe a closet or utility room. If this is the case for you then the following products might be just what you are looking for.

Highly Recommended Indoor Motion Sensor Lights

Let’s start with the First Alert PIR720RN Motion Sensing Light Socket. This wonderful device lets you turn any light in your home into a motion detecting light and is as easy to install as a light bulb. Simply screw the First Alert into an existing light socket then screw the light bulb into the other end it’s that easy. The built in motion sensor has a 360̊ range of sight that can detect movement within twelve feet if installed at eight feet which is fairly close to the standard height of most ceilings and it turn off after four minutes of non-activity. The Motion Sensing Light Socket retails for $34.99 but can often be found for less on Now there are a few things you should know that might keep you from wanting this product and they include not being able to use with a lamp shade or in an enclosed light plus it will only work with an incandescent bulb, so no halogens and no CFL’s. Other than that the First Alert Motion Sensing Light Socket is great and definitely worth a try.

Interior Motion Detector Night Lights

Motion detecting night lights are great way to add just enough light to a room or hallway without blinding you if you happen to get up in the middle of the night. Most motion sensor night lights are inexpensive but many simply turn on and off and have no other features what so ever making them less than perfect while others have several features that make them a much better choice. For example the GE 50723 LED Motion Sensing Night Light that not only turns on when it detects motion it also turns off after ninety second of no motion being detected. It also as a light sensor that keeps it from turning on when there is another bright light source in the room whether it’s the sun or a lamp. Another uniquely different motion detector night light is the Megabrite LED Color Changing Night Light. This light has many of the same features as the GE model including a long lasting LED bulb, photo light sensor plus it unlike any other night light this one continuously changes colors rotating between seven different colors. And if you do not like that it is always changing you can stop it on what ever color you choose with the push of a button. This light has great reviews and even one video review that shows the light in action (click here to view). No more boring white night lights now you can give your home some color not to mention most of these colors are a lot easier on the eyes than white. Has you can see the Megabrite LED is a wonderful night light and is extremely inexpensive.
Finding the perfect light for ever situation might not be easy but with this list of interior motion detector lights you should be well on your way to a safer and more user friendly home.