Problems with Motion Sensor Lights Article Series

What is wrong with your light?

Here at it is our mission to help everyday people with all their lighting needs and that includes helping you solve problems you might be having with your lights. I mean let’s face it electronics, light fixtures and anything else with wiring can be a pain. There is no doubt that motion activated lights are one of the most useful types of lighting you can have in and around your home but this is not to say that they do not have their own set of quirks and problems. So to help you out we are starting a new series of articles to help with specific problems associated with motion lights. For example things like lights being overly sensitive, lights not working or coming on at all or lights coming on during the day when they shouldn’t be. These are all very common problems and we will be addressing each one with its own article which will be full of little tips and tricks on how to remedy the situation. Hopefully these articles will help you resolve your problem and at the same time keep you from having to dig through pages and pages of old forum post or hope trying to figure it out. Below you will find links to each available article and this page will be updated as new articles are added.

Motion Sensor Light Problem Solving Articles




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