Motion Sensor Light too Sensitive

Many people run into the problem of having there motion light sensor being too sensitive. Sometimes this issue can be resolved with nothing more then a good cleaning. Take a clean cotton cloth and use acetone to wipe down the electric eye or sensor. While you’re at it clean the surface of the light as well. Think about the location of your unit and the range of vision within the eyes scope. Is there a street nearby that could be visible within the peripheral vision of your motion sensor light? A lot of the time we underestimate the range of radar, which is the science behind the technology that makes a motion sensor work.

A good tip for limiting unwanted motion being picked up is to use electrical tape or some other type of tape and tape theOutdoor Motion light sides of the sensor so the area to be avoided is removed from the unit’s field of vision so to speak. This can be good if there’s a public sidewalk near your home to avoid setting it off when people walk by. You may ultimately have to relocate the sensor for some applications. Units are available with remote sensors that can be placed away from the actual lighting unit. This may be an answer for long walks or driveways. They can be used to illuminate the drive as you enter and control lights all the way to your door.

One other rather drastic trick is to use a can of black spay paint and fog the sensor. Use a short blast far in front of the unit until it’s barely visible on the lens. try the light out and add another dusting if it’s still too sensitive. This is a trial and error method and may not work for all units.

Resetting the unit will sometimes help to get your lights back to the default settings. There is usually a test or reset button somewhere on the light. Press the button and then try out your lights again. If your lights are not coming on make sure to check any breakers at the power source as well. If your lights are located in an unprotected exterior location then it’s a possibility that water has gotten into the unit. It’s recommended that you replace the unit with a new one, instead of trying to repair it. There is a potential for a fire risk and personal injury or property damage could be caused by a defective or damaged motion sensor light.

Most of these units are made very inexpensively and getting a good one means buying the top of the line. Sometimes an electrical surge can be the culprit of a faulty sensor. Too much power can overload the tiny circuitry used with motion sensor lights. If this is the case, fifty percent of the time it will pop the reset. The rest of the time it can burn the connections and cause the sensor to have false readings.

If all else fails with motion sensor lights too sensitive, you’ll need to replace your outdoor motion sensor lights. Fortunately they are relatively inexpensive and well worth the comfort they add to your life. Security safety and a good night’s sleep don’t usually come in this cheap of a package.

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