How to Install a Motion Sensor Light Switch

Are you trying to save money by cutting cost around the house? If so you have probably already taken steps to reduce your utility bills including the biggie, the electric bill. There are many ways to go about this one is to simply turn off lights in rooms that are not being used. Of course for some this is easier said than done but with the help of a motion sensor light switch you can guarantee lights are off. If you have bought or are planning on buying a motion sensor lightswitch (or occupancy sensor) but are not sure if you have what it takes to install it and should hire an electrician this video should help. Electrical work can be very intimidating to those that have little or no experience but most things around the house truly are simple and only require a few common tools as you will see. Afterwards you will know whether this is a job for you or not but I’m sure you can step up to the challenge because one of the best ways to save money is to learn to do things yourself instead of paying others.

Watch This Video On How To Install a Motion Sensor Light Switch

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