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Wireless Flood Lights for Easy Installation and Security

There are many advantages to having wireless flood lights installed on a home or business. There are also many options to choose from. Style, color, design, functionality, and price are all things to consider when selecting the right fixture for a particular situation. With prices ranging from under $20 to several hundred dollars, the features and functions vary dramatically. The primary purpose for any of the many options is to provide additional lighting to a dimly lit area as well as the security that accompanies this additional lighting.

Top Selling Wireless Flood Lights

Among the more cost effective alternatives available is the Dorcy 41-1070 LED Wireless Motion Sensor Flood-Lite. This item provides light projection for 350 square feet of space in an affordable compact light. The 41-1070 features 180 degrees of motion detection and it will only activates at night. This feature extends the life of the three required D-cell batteries that, under average usage, will last for over a year without needing to be replaced. This battery feature means that installation is a simple process and there is no need for an external power source or additional wiring. The light can also be adjusted to auto shut off after either 30 seconds or 2 minutes. It also features a dim and bright setting that also helps to extend the battery life.

A second option is the Cooper Lighting RFM182W Digital Wireless Motion Security System with Floodlight. This fixture features a dual bulb design, 180 degrees of motion detection, and is available in white. This light also comes with a remote floodlight that is activated by the motion floodlight fixture. This provides a multi-location function and the separate lights can be separated by up to 100 feet. The detection sensor is able to pick up motion up to 70 feet from the mounted location and communicates with the remote fixture using digital wireless technologies. The RFM182W is a 300W system and will power two 150W bulbs per fixture. The motion detection fixture will need to be hard wired to the homes electrical system but each additional fixture can function on battery power alone.


The Lorex VQ2121 Night Vision Illuminator is another option for a homeowner interested in wireless flood lighting. The Illuminator uses 24 high intensity IR LED’s that will provide lighting for up to 100 feet. This light requires a 12V DC 500mA battery and can be positioned with a 50 degree angle that allows the light focus to be trained on a specific location or spread over a wide area.


With the many options available in wireless flood lighting technologies, finding a product that satisfies a home or business’s needs should be easy. Prices will vary based on the features and designs provided by each of these choices. A thorough assessment of the necessary function of a flood light would simplify the search and help to make the selection based on a specific need rather than on an unnecessary set of additional features. Whichever style one chooses for their home or business, additional lighting and security will be achieved by using wireless flood lights.

*Please note the links above direct to Amazon as I have found they offer the biggest selections and most competitive prices.*

Motion Activated Deck Stair Lighting for Beauty and Safety

Deck stair lighting can provide adequate light to help safely navigate stairways that would other wise be in total darkness. In the past, lighting fixtures were mainly utilitarian in style but today there is a wide selection of lighting choices that are available to consumers, making it possible to create safe and ambient stairways. Innovations in lighting fixtures are now quite advanced and come in many forms for example recessed lights that set flush into a stair riser, allow for safe walking. Then there are endless decorative lights that look light rocks or other nature items. Many of these lights are also starting to use small, but powerful, LED lights which are taking the industry by storm. These lights are efficient, bright, and effective. Though all of these lighting options look good and work good one of the easiest and most convenient deck stair lights are the wireless LED motion sensing lights. These lights are perfect for those that either doesn’t want to mess with all the wiring and electrical work or those that don’t even have the option. Like those that live of grid or use solar energy to power their home.

At the time of this writing there are only a few wireless motion sensor deck stair lights on the market one of which is the Mr. Beams MB 530 Battery Motion Sensing LED Step Light. This weather proof light can be placed just about anywhere indoors or outdoors. It is easy to install require no wiring and has a daylight sensor that prevents the light from coming on during the day which helps extend battery life. The three “C” batteries that power the MB 530 will typically last well over year. The motion sensor can detect movement up to thirty feet away giving you a lighted stairway well before you make it to the steps. More details like prices and owner reviews can be found by clicking this link.

Another light worth checking out is the Dorcy 41-1070 LED Wireless Motion Sensor Stair-Lite. This light has many great features including motion sensor, photo sensor and a variable timer that allows you to set the amount of time the light stays on. This is also easy to install and comes with all the mounting hardware needed for installation. One feature that makes this light unique is when sitting dormant the lights a low soft glow then brighten when they detect motion. Even with this feature the three “C” batteries that power the light should last about a year with normal use. This is fairly small motion sensor light only measuring 3 ½ x 3 ¼ x 1 ¾ making it very easy to find a mounting location.

Prices on these types of lights are moderate costing less than $30 where many other lighting types may cost you well over $100. Prices will vary; larger lights, and light kits normally sell at a higher fee. With a quick look on the World Wide Web, many hundreds of styles can be seen, in only a few minutes time. From modern, to traditional or if retro is your style, there are lighting designs that will suit any décor. For a full list of outdoor decking lights that are available “click here”.

Deck stair lighting has come a long way in the last few years. Consumers desire beautiful, affordable, and innovative lighting for both inside and outside their homes. Lighting a home effectively and beautifully is becoming cheaper and easier all the time.

*Please note the links above direct to Amazon as I have found they offer the biggest selections and most competitive prices.*