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My Outdoor Motion Sensor Light Stopped Working

Motion Sensor Problems – My Outdoor Motion Sensor Light Stopped Working, is an article that will take you through the possible problems you may be having and offer you some solutions. When you’re having motion sensor problems, your lights may be coming on when you don’t want them to. They could also be failing to come on when they should. Your timer may not be working, or maybe the problem is, they only work on test mode. Or possibly yours won’t shut off in the daytime.

In order to resolve the issue, let’s take a few seconds to discuss just how a motion detector is supposed to work. NormalOutdoor Motion Sensor Light operation uses a few simple components and knowledge of these parts will make it easier for you to troubleshoot your motion detectors. Motion detectors use a form of radar to detect movement in the form of heat, or temperature through infrared sensors that send out a wave and measure the time it takes for the wave to return. When something interferes with the rate of return, the motion detector is activated and the switch turns on. This can be a human or animal or even a leaf blowing by. It can be cars passing in the street or even a piece of trash blowing into the range of the detector. After a set period of time without the wave being interrupted, the switch will turn off. This time period is user adjustable and usually ranges from one minute to twenty minutes depending upon the manufacturer. Motion detectors also incorporate a photocell switch. This component detects sunlight and actually breaks the circuit for the infrared detector during daylight hours. This keeps your lights from coming on during the day when they would be wasting valuable energy.

Motion detectors need a power source. This can be an electrical connection to your homes power supply, or a solar source, or even a battery. No matter what your unit uses to get its power, the troubleshooting procedures and the solutions are all the same.

  • If your motion lights will not come on, first check the bulbs by trying the lights on test mode. The lights should come on and stay on. Test mode allows you to try the unit out in the daytime as well.
  • Check the power supply and make sure the breaker is on and that no secondary switch has been inadvertently turned off. Check the battery if you have a battery unit. Solar units must be dirt free and not obstructed from sunlight by leaves or other debris.
  • Exterior motion lights should be sealed from possible moisture. This could be an issue if the fixture is turned upward and water collects within the socket. Make sure to angle sockets down, even though most lights have water seals.
  • If your lights are not shutting off, or coming on during daylight hours, the culprit is probably the photocell. If it’s not detecting sunlight, many different types of malfunctions can occur.
  • Most motion detector lights are relatively inexpensive. Aside from changing light bulbs, replacing the entire unit may prove cheaper then repairing or replacing a single component.

When having motion sensor problems and your outdoor motion sensor light stops working, running through these fixes should find the problem 99 percent of the time. The other one percent of the time will prove to be a faulty unit.

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Motion Sensor Lights Stay on During the Day

If you have owned many motion sensor lights or poked around on many home improvement forums you probably know that one of the most common problems people have with there motion sensor lights is that they come on when they are not needed which is during the day. People seem to always be asking if and how they fix their lights but this isn’t really a very easy question to answer without seeing the light in person so below you find a list of several possible culprits and what you can do to remedy the situation.

Possible Reasons for Your Motion Sensor Lights Staying On

So you’re having problems with your motion sensor lights coming on during the day? Well the first thing you should do is look at the owners manual to see if there are any trouble shooting tips. If this doesn’t fix the problem or you don’t have a manual here are several possible explanations.

  • The most obvious reason might be that the light in question does not have a daylight sensor better known as a photocell. Photocells are a type of resistor that is dark on the top when there is no light but this dark top lightens when it is exposed to light. This change from light to dark is what turns the light on and off. Now chances are if you have purchased an outdoor motion light then it probably has a photocell if it doesn’t them you might want to return or replace it with one that does.


  • Make sure the photocell light sensor is clean.


  • Could be that the photocell has gone bad. Many companies use cheap Chinese electronics that do not have a long life expectancy. Also many electronic parts like this are designed with a certain number of off/ons before they just wear out.


  • Check your sensitivity adjustment, if your light has one, make sure it isn’t turned all the way which could keep the light from turning off. This could be the problem even if your light has been up for a while. For example many times in winter the days can be dark enough to keep your lights from turning off if the sensitivities is set to high.


  • Sometimes motion sensor lights have to be reset if there has been a power outage or some other problem. To reset the light simply turn off the light switch or breaker that the light is connected to. The amount of time it takes to reset a light can very some take as little as 30 seconds while other take an hour or more. The amount of time your light requires can normally be found in the owner’s manual or on the manufacturer’s website.


  • Sometimes the problem can be an over heated circuit board. As with the cheap photocells many circuit boards also cheap and can not handle the amount of power going to the light bulbs especially when the light has more than one bulb. One way to remedy this problem is to remove some of the bulbs to lessen the load. Though this isn’t ideal it does sometimes work.


Now if you have tried looking in your manual and gone through this list with little luck chances are you will simply need to replace the light. If this is what you do decide to do then it is recommended that you do not buy the cheapest model you can find. You tend to get what you pay for especially with electronic devices. Do yourself a favor, spend a few more bucks and buy a medium to high end light. Otherwise you will once again be trying to figure out what is wrong with you motion sensor light.

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