Types of Outdoor Security Lighting to Consider

Just about everyone knows the value of good outdoor security lighting around the home. From those that have been home alone and heard a noise outside to those that have stumbled up stairs or with a lock and key because they could not see what they were doing in the dark. Almost everyone you talk to has some story that would have had a different outcome if only the area around their home had better lighting. Now since you are reading this I can only assume that you are one those people that does know the importance such lighting. But knowing what you need and getting what you need can be two different things entirely. For example you know you need a security light but there is not just one type to choose from. So which do you buy? The solar model, battery powered model or the standard hardwired electrical model? Well you might and you might not know which type you want right now but by the time you finish this short article you will know exactly what type of light or lights you will be getting for your home.

Hard Wired Outdoor Security Lighting

First let’s take a look at the hard wired security lights. These are the type of outdoor lights that are hooked up to the Motion Sensor Wall Sconcepower in your house. Many of these lights work with a light switch but they can also be motion sensor lights that come on when motion is detected or even dusk to dawn lights that come on when it gets dark. What type you choose really depends on what you are looking for in a light and where it is going to be located. Lights that work on a switch are typically good for places like porches where you want full control of the light. Motion sensor lights are a good choice for almost anywhere and most outdoor lights come with this feature. There are many benefits to motion lights, they are convenient, energy saving and less invasive than lights that stay on all night which can be bothersome to close neighbors or if you have bedrooms close to the light. Now if it has been a while since you have looked at motion sensor lights then you might be pleasantly surprised to find that the big gaudy flood light style are not the only option. More and more motion lights are designed to look like high end wall sconces and ceiling lights. So there is no longer any reason to sacrifice appearance for function. A good example of this type of light is pictured above (click pictures for pricing and reviews), the Designers Edge L-2552PW Dual Eye Motion Activated Outdoor Wall Sconce. This light is truly the total package. It comes with a dual eye sensor that detects motion in a 220 degree zone, adjustable time and sensitivity settings and even an oDusk to Dawn Lightptional dusk to dawn setting. Also it can use incandescent bulbs up to 100 watts.


Now if you are looking for a light to mount over a driveway or over a certain part of the yard then you might want a standard dusk to dawn light like the Lithonia OFLR Outdoor Dusk to Dawn Floodlight. This light will automatically turn on when it starts to get dark and turn off as soon as daylight arrives. It has adjustable heads and comes with energy saving LED bulbs that should last for up to 50,000 hours.

*Please note the links above direct to Amazon as I have found they offer the biggest selections and most competitive prices.*

Solar and Battery Powered Security Lights

The above lights are very nice but sometimes people just want something that works good is easy to install and doesn’t cost a lot of money which is the perfect description for most wireless security lights. Now I have written about wireless lights many times before so there is no reason to repeat what has already been said so I will just give you some links to thought specific articles. The first is the on solar LED security lights which can be found “here” or by clicking the picture below. And the second is on some of the best selling outdoor Led battery power lights which can be found “here” or by clicking the picture below. Hopefully either this article you are reading or the others I have linked to will help you decide what type of light or lights you will need around your home.Battery Powered Motion Sensor LightSolar Motion Sensor light

Tips for Setting Up Your Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

A few good tips for setting up your outdoor motion sensor lights will help you to avoid some of the most common errors when placing and adjusting your motion sensor units. Safety and security are two very good reasons to install motion detector lights. They will help you get into your home when arriving after dark and give you a sense of security when you’re sleeping. This kind of comfort truly is priceless so all things considered, motion detectors are a really good investment.

Motion detector lighting can be used to illuminate a walkway or driveway. It can turn on lights either inside or outside. Installing Outdoor LightThey can deter a potential intruder who may be looking for an easy mark. If your home lights up like a Christmas tree when someone approaches, its most likely the culprit will just move on to an easier mark. Safety comes when there’s no need to get out of your car in the dark. Your approach is well lit and falls can be eliminated especially in inclement weather when slippery conditions exist. Installing motion detector lighting solves several problems with one easy fix.


Where To Install Motion Detector Lighting

Automatic lighting is normally used to illuminate a drive or walkway. Some will use this type of apparatus to light up a back yard. Other uses include turning on interior lights when dusk arrives. This application will give the appearance that someone is home when in fact you may be away on vacation or just out for an evening. Whatever the reason for your lighting here are a few easy tips for setting up your outdoor motion sensor lights.

Start by surveying just what you need to light up. Some will need a wide beam of light to include an entire backyard for example. Others will want a narrow long beam for lighting a walkway. Driveways may require a flood light and still another type would be a wall hung sconce light for walks and entrance ways.

Your lighting apparatus will have several adjustments that must be taken into consideration when purchasing the units. You’ll need to have some sort of plan laid out on paper and a list of how many lights and where they will be located. Another question to think about will be whether or not the unit will contain the sensor that operates it or will you need a remote sensor. The proper positioning of the sensor is imperative to a good functioning motion detector lighting system. Set up your lighting and place the sensors at their highest settings. Use the test switch to operate the lights during daylight hours. This will allow you to get the settings close enough to come out and fine tune everything when it’s dark. Almost all units have adjustable timers. Normally they can be adjusted from one minute to twenty minutes or more. Figure out how long it takes you to get to where you no longer need light from when you trigger the motion detector and that should be your setting.

If you have problems with your units picking up motion from a source you don’t want them to see, such as traffic going by or even trees blowing in the wind that can sometimes effect the operation. There are tricks to help like placing a small piece of tape over the very edge of the sensor’s eye. This can reduce the peripheral vision of the unit and block out say, road traffic or a flag waving in the vision field. This can also be accomplished with a black Sharpie to a fine degree. If you have exterior lighting that isn’t under an eave or somehow protected from the elements. Make sure these light fixtures are facing down. Although most units for exterior lighting are supposed to be sealed from the weather, there is a potential problem if they are tipped up and water collects in the socket.

These tips for setting up your outdoor motion sensor lights will hopefully get you the safety and peaceful nights you’re looking for from this type of a system. Your security matters and motion lights can help in a variety of ways.